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Yesterday we went to the library in a nearby town (I adore visiting ‘other’ libraries) and brought home several pounds of books. Among the many kids books that Pia picked out was “The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County” by Janice Harrington. Besides being a fun book to read, it has chickens in it and I love chickens. Indeed, I am always thisclose to bringing home a couple of chicks to live in our backyard (years ago we had two hens, Val and Betty, who lived with us and they were much fun even though they pooped almost exclusively on our back patio). The chickens in this book are done collage-style, with different fabrics and patterned papers making up the feathers and bodies. Very cool. And on ninth reading of the book it occurred to me that we could make chickens just like the ones in the book. Well, almost just like. On a totally different plane of cool, of course, but still.

The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County” by Janice Harrington

We hauled out the glue sticks and the scissors and magazines and went to work. We cut ‘feathers’ out of magazine pages (our feather shape was ovals with pointy ends and little snips on the side to make them more feather-like). Then I drew a big chicken on paper and we happily glued feathers on to the bodies. We colored in the heads and feet with crayons. Such fun.

These are, of course, the very rare purple-spotted chicken and the turquoise-shimmer chicken of eastern lake country. I know Pia really likes a project when she requests to do it again when daddy comes home, as was the case tonight. So we now have three more chickens roosting in the hallway.


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  1. I expect a delicious omelet for lunch at playgroup tomorrow. =)

    • Yes, Pia did draw a couple dozen red eggs underneath her “daddy chicken”. Laurie, will you please give Pia the chicken version of sex ed tomorrow? 🙂


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