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My daughter is a board game nut and as a result I spend a good portion of my days hiking through Candy Land (always hoping for Princess Frostine) and forever picking then spilling cherries. So,when games come along that are fun for Pia and me it is like finding heaven in a box. As luck would have it, the two games in heavy rotation lately are two of my favorites.

The first is “Tier auf Tier” (German for “Animal Upon Animal”) which is made by Haba. It is a basic stacking game with a crazy assortment of animals (penguin, sheep, toucans, and collared lizards? odd.) that is loads of fun to play. The hedgehogs are the best. Since we play this nearly every night we have gotten quite good as a family and we dorkily take pictures of our highest animal pyramids.

The second game is “I Never Forget a Face!” by eeBoo. I like any memory game, but this one is quite exceptional. To begin with, the cards are thick and super sturdy and they feel divine (as do the wooden animal pieces in tier auf tier. hmmm). And instead of objects, the cards have pictures of kids from around the world. This is what our games sound like:

“Mongolia. Haiti. Not a match.”

“Bolivia. Myanmar. Not a match.”

“Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico! I got a match!”

Trust me. It is quite amusing to hear a four-year-old say words like ‘Tanzania’ and ‘Albania’ just as she would say ‘ball’ and ‘car’.

What games are you loving right now? We’re always looking for suggestions!


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  1. Our favorite family game is Pass the Pigs. It’s not a kid’s game, but he’s actually really good at it because he isn’t smart enough yet to fear rolling out, so he either wins BIG or busts. Lots of fun!

    We love Eeboo games as well.
    Our favorite is the Picnic Game:

    I also just found Robot Explorers and will be adding it to the rotation the next time I’m ready to tear my hair out:

  2. We also have the “I never forget a face” game! It is one game that he actually likes to play!


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