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Thanks to Robin’s enthusiasm on the subject, Pia and I have brought three caterpillars into our house and they are in various stages of transformation. As I had never witnessed it before (how can this be?), I was stunned by how unbelievably cool it was to watch a caterpillar begin to make it’s chrysalis. Equally amazing was when the butterfly emerged a couple weeks later. While we missed the actual moment when the butterfly came out, we were able to watch it dry it’s wings in the afternoon sun. It was one of those perfect moments.

Caterpillar #2 is a week into his chrysalis and caterpillar #3 is 2 days into his. The latter had escaped his terrarium and made his chrysalis under the windowsill. Very considerate of him, as it makes for very easy viewing 🙂


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  1. Do the cats not use the chrysalis under the windowsill as a boxing toy? Impressive self control!

    It is so amazing to let them dry their wings while they sit on your finger. Now, every time we see a monarch, Tea insists it’s THE ONE we hatched. He KNOWS.

    • Oh, the cats are too involved in beating each other up and causing trips to the vet these days to notice things like chrysalis boxing toys. Sigh.


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