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kids clothes week challenge

Meg at Elsie Marley is once again organizing the Kids Clothes Week Challenge and this time I am actually going to attempt to sew along instead of merely ooohing and aaahing over all the cuteness that the other participants sew up. Meg is rounding up all sorts of great tutorials this week, so I am trying to plan ahead and be ready to sew when the 20th rolls around.

I’m thinking of tackling the go to dress from the Train to Crazy, because I personally want a go to dress, but sewing for me is way more complicated than sewing for Pia.

I also want to attempt to make a hat, I think the type I have in mind is called a newsboy or pageboy hat (?), sort of like this one. I’ve seen some very cute girl versions done up in brown corduroy, though Pia has informed me lately (and often) that she ‘hates’ brown (and has taken to stealing my brown pants to I can’t wear them). Perhaps a blue or green corduroy will have to do.

Since our monthly Underground Knitters meeting falls during kids clothes week challenge I will attempt to knit up a pair of mittens. This will hamper my wine intake, but that is usually a good thing.

Anyone else taking the kids clothes week challenge? Robin, I believe the secret to brotherly bliss is matching clothes, so you should really take this opportunity to sew some for Pea and Tea. I’m thinking plaid. Or navy gingham.


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  1. You are tooooo ambitious! And by that I mean, you nearly make me feel bad that I am not sewing anything at all. 😉

    I DID just buy buttons for Tea’s cardigan so I’ll have that finished up before the wind is cold. Dose that count?


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