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i think i am officially a grown-up

It seems there has been a major uptick in illness and injury in the people around me lately. My mom is down and out with an extended case of vertigo. Robin has been sick with typhoid or something of the like. Other friends have had a wide assortment of odd illnesses spread among them. And now our cat Haile is down and out after a nasty fight with our other cat, Darwin.  Darwin managed to bite through Haile’s paw, which in turn got infected, and made it impossible to walk on. Haile is now on antibiotics and Pia has taken to doting on him, wrapping him up in blankets and lending him stuffed animals to snuggle with.

All this care-taking and germ-spreading led me to one conclusion. It was time to grow up and get a flu shot. In past years I have stated that I would rather get the flu then get a shot because shots are so miserable. But this year I realized that one little needle poke might be worth it if it prevents me from being laid flat this winter with the flu. Making such a grown-up decision is making me feel a little smug. But I am wondering the following things:

1. Why can’t they make a stomach flu vaccine?

2. Do I still need to avoid all the sick people this year? Or does the vaccine make me invincible?

3. If I end up getting the flu, who do I blame? Typically I blame the person I suspect I got the illness from, but now I think I would blame the shot manufacturer. Right?


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  2. 1. Isn’t the stomach flu usually food poisoning? You should just stop eating.
    2. You are 100% invincible. I recommend wearing a cape to announce this.
    3. The Spanish Inquisition.

    You were brave, by the way, for getting vaccinated. I’ve heard from somebody that needles can cause fainting in weaker individuals.


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