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the planning is the best part

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Even though Robin is on the other side of the world right now, my life must go on. And indeed, October is a jam-packed month with birthdays galore and a little holiday full of ghosts and witches and the like, so I will be able to distract myself quite well. The first big event coming up is Pia’s 5th birthday so I have been having oodles of fun planning a little party for her.

While some kids get really hooked on certain things, Pia doesn’t. She sort of likes everything and is up for doing anything. The only favorite thing in her life that stays consistent is the color red (now that I type that I’m wondering why I didn’t just plan a red party. hmmmm.) So, when I was thinking of possible party ideas I knew that she would pretty much be game for anything. When I asked her if she would like a library-themed party she said “a library party would be fine”. And that was that. I believe I could have said anything and she would have agreed. I may have just missed my one opportunity to throw a Bruce Springsteen party. Anyway, as I plan and scheme on this library party I will show you bits and pieces as they come together. Today, the invites.

I went to St. Vinny’s and bought a few old Golden Books to use as the invitations. Golden Books are classic and hardcover, so they made for a sturdy base. On the title page I made a pocket with the details of the party on it and slipped a due date card into the pocket to give it a real library feel. Well, a real old-fashioned library feel as our kids don’t actually know what due date cards are. To make sure the invitation part of the book isn’t missed, I attached a ribbon bookmark to the back cover and marked the page where the invite is located. The finished invite looks like this:

We are going to hand-deliver the invites today, so postage and an envelope aren’t needed. We’ll see how they are received by the kids. It might just stir up a lot of confusion and a long explanation from parents about how books used to be checked out of libraries before computers came along.


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  1. I LOVE these. What a great idea. It is terribly sad that electronic cataloging systems (though wonderful for librarians) have done away with due date cards. As a kid I always loved looking back to see all the names of the other people who had held and read the very same book I was reading. Hope Pia has a wonderful party. Happy Birthday Pia!


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