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The weather has been gorgeous the past week, chilly at night for delicious sleeping and warming to 70 during the day. As a result we have been spending most of our time outside, drinking in the loveliness.

While Pia was in school this week I tackled a project I’ve been thinking about for ages. And, as with most projects that have been bouncing around in my mind for forever, it turned out to be very simple and rewarding. We had a few birch logs which we had arranged in a circle as stools, imagining little children sitting on them and chatting. But, as little children never really stop moving, the stools were never used. So I took them from their circle formation and created a ‘path’ of stepping logs. To make them stable I pounded 2-3 feet lengths of rebar (or other strong metal rod type things that I could scrounge in the garage) into the log halfway, then flipped them over and pounded the log-with-metal-rod into the ground. It was immensely satisfying. I got to use a sledgehammer.

For those of you who have been wondering about the fate of my eggplant, well, it is a complicated story. The plant grew beautiful and tall and was a sight to behold. It produced two eggplants that I tended to with care and was waiting patiently for the perfect day to pick them. Sadly, a little girl got to them before me and picked both little eggplants and used them as drums. I was crying inside but handled it like a grown-up. However, the eggplant gods were watching and somehow produced this late season gift for me. It was delicious.


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  1. I LOVE the stepping logs. *I* want to come play!

    What did you make with your eggplant? Where’s the corresponding YIAVK post? 😉


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