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library party for pia

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Today my firefighting Badger turned 5. It was almost, nearly a perfect day. Except that Tea wasn’t here to celebrate with us. But, since Tea is such a sweetheart, he sent birthday wishes to Pia from the other side of the globe.

This morning our playgroup (minus Tea) came over for a little party for Pia. The general theme was ‘library’, so we played a few library-ish games. In the first game the kids had to pretend to be librarians finding books on the ‘shelf’ (or in this case, on Pia’s bed) and bringing them back to me, the library patron, as quick as they could. I handed them an index card with an image of the book I needed and then they ran to the next room to find the book. Here is Lou referencing her index card in her right hand while thinking about picking up “Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom”:

And then Lou dashing back to me after finding the correct book “The Elephant in my Backyard”.

They were very speedy librarians.

In another game they had to pretend to be librarians shelving books. I had a basket full of books that were predominantly one color (mostly blue, or red, or whatever) and six shelves marked with red, yellow, orange, green, blue and black. They had to then shelve the books according to color.

In the last game we had ‘library story time’ (which was ridiculous as they could hardly sit still) where we read “Peek!” by Minfong Ho. In this book the father plays hide and seek with with his daughter and as he searches for her he comes across many different animals (a dragonfly, a dog, an elephant, a crocodile, etc). After I read the book I told them these animals were hiding in the front yard and they had to find them. The kids had fun searching…

…and finding…

…all sizes of animals. The kids then turned it around and wanted to hide the animals for the moms. Very cute.

Jim took the day off work so he could properly celebrate Pia’s birthday and so he could be our chef at the party. He made spinach pie which Pia had requested, but which met mixed reviews from the other kid partygoers. I do love the fact that my daughter actually requested spinach pie, even if it meant some of the kids just had apple slices for lunch!

The party broke up just after lunch as Pia had to get to school. Before the kids left everyone got a little goodie bag. Pia and I had made these story dice for her friends and each kid got a pair. Really, I need a pair of story dice myself as Pia asks me nightly to tell her a story and often I find myself fumbling for a story line. At least if I rolled, say, a fox and a house with a red chimney, I would have a place to start.


Also going along with the library theme, each kid got personalized bookplates. Unfortunately my printer ran out of ink after printing just three sheets, so each kid got only three bookplates, but it is a start to putting their stamp on their personal library.



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  1. Happy Birthday, dearest Pia. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. I love your Very Red outfit. Did you wear the hat to school? šŸ˜‰

    For Courtney – Oh my goodness – so much fun and cuteness I can’t stand it. You are the cleverest Queen of Parties. The games you came up with were brilliant. Can I put in an order for those adorable story cubes? You should sell them on Etsy!

    • Pia visited the fire station on wednesday, so things have been all firefighters all the time here. You would not believe the number of fires we have put out here. It is amazing the house is still standing šŸ™‚ We should schedule a story cube making get together when you get home, they are so much fun to make (even if the result is even more demands for stories).

  2. Five is such a delightful age. Full of wonder and full of entertaining explanations and questions. Five teeters on the edge of home and world in this delirious new experience called “school,” a place where baby brains become full with education, friendship, growth and development. Five is magical. Five is inspirational. Five loves being five.

    Happy birthday, sweet Piya… Thank you so much for bringing incredible joy to your parents!

    • Debbie – I have heard such good things about 5. I even remember being 5 and loving being 5.

      I’m so happy you read our little blog! It always makes me smile to see comments from you, so thank you!


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