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how do i forget these things?

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Today we went on a long family hike. It was lovely and beautiful and all good things. We caught grasshoppers. We rescued wooly bear caterpillars. We ran down hills and gazed across vistas. We smelled flowers and looked for animal homes. More than once I found myself squeezing Jim’s hand while we watched Pia scamper ahead and thinking, this is it. Nothing else really matters. We are together, we are happy, we are experiencing things as a family. How often I forget that this is the important stuff. How many weekend days have I sent Jim and Pia off to play while I cleaned the house or caught up on laundry? How many weekends have I wasted because I thought having a clean house was more important than the three of us being together? Yes, a clean house is important, as is having clean underwear in the drawer, but I need to find a way to better work these things into the week so that I don’t spend my weekends missing this…

…or this…

…or just being with her…

Sigh. Good times.


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  1. Courtney – this was a great post, and oh so true. I think you’re learning a very important lesson sooner than I did. But here’s another one – be kind to yourself. Good people (and that includes parents) do the best they can; no one’s perfect, and tomorow’s always a new opportunity.

  2. Oh, can I relate!

    So funny, Courtney, how the grass is always greener on the otherside. So, I would pretty much never in the past send Dave and Lou off without me on the weekends to do housework b/c I never wanted to miss anything but then I’d be so stressed out during the week or even on the weekend b/c the house was so out of control that I wasn’t actually enjoying my time with them. Well, this weekend I sent them off on Saturday (having observed you do it in the past and thinking maybe this could be the key to my sanity) and it DID feel good to get so much done and I DID enjoy today better (took the day completely off and had a lovely time…autumn walk around town, theater with Lou…homemade chicken noodle soup). However,…looks like the key is BALANCE (of course, right!?!)

    And Bob and Judith, THANK YOU for your words in the comment above. “Be kind to yourself.” Also…have been reading every word of your family’s blogs these past days…you are all in our thoughts…)

  3. I agree, balance is key. It’s sometimes hard to see which way the scale is tipping without stepping back. Glad you enjoyed such a beautiful day!


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