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front yard pumpkins

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We finally harvested our enormous volunteer pumpkin that has been leisurely sprawled across the front yard for the past couple months. It seemed like it was time, though I will miss watching people walk by our house and stop and stare. I assume the thoughts going through the minds of those people are split between “wow, big pumpkin!” and “who on earth would grow pumpkins in their front yard?” Honestly I hadn’t planned on growing pumpkins in the front yard, they just started growing. But now I believe it is the perfect use of a front yard and intend to grow pumpkins there every year. Just to give the neighbors something to talk about.

We also raked leaves. The leaves at the house-that-Robin-should-buy in fact. I figure we should tend to the property until I finally wear Robin down and she buys the house just to stop me from pestering her. Her house has a lovely sugar maple and makes for great leaf-jumping piles. And, frankly, that is reason enough to buy it because the pictures we could take of Tea and Pia each year in said piles would be priceless. What is missing from this picture? Tea. Of course.


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  1. Aw, that makes me wish I was home. And by home, I nearly mean next door to you. 😉

  2. No she doesn’t. She means next door to ME.

  3. Although if you want, you could move in on the other side…


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