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Thank you, dragon, for sharing

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Tea has been looking forward to Halloween, and trick-or-treating specifically, since the 4th of July.  I didn’t have a costume for him, being busy planning to add a little brother to the family and then traipsing around Asia for nearly a month, but Grandma Cookie came through and found one at a thrift store.  She left it at our house for Tea to discover when we got back home on Thursday.  See, mothers-in-law have some good qualities.  😉

He had so much fun trick-or-treating this year, even though he’s scared of the people wearing “mask-es”.  We brought along his new brother, Pea, dressed in an old monkey play-costume of Tea’s (for warmth more than style).  Pea enjoyed watching his brother doing the “dragon dance” and smiled much of the way.  Tea had his dragon character down, walking with a perfect dragon-swagger that moved his little tail back and forth with each step.

When neighbors tried to give Tea extra candy for his brother (who spent the entire time snuggled in Kyle’s arms – we didn’t bring a treat bag for him), he gestured towards his own pumpkin full of candy and told them, “I have some already that I can share.”  And once we were home, share he did.  I hadn’t decided how much sugar to let him ingest before bed time, when he announced, “I’m just going to eat this one thing with Pea and then put it away until tomorrow, OK Mama?”  He chose a bag of pretzels to share with his brother and handed out chocolate to his father and I.

Tea was worried that trick-or-treaters would come into our house and eat his candy during the night.  He was satisfied with my solution to put his pumpkin out of reach on top of the fridge.  Little did he know, it was his Mama’s reach he should have been worried about.  Snickers tastes even better when wide awake with jet-lag at 2am.


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  1. I had a very similar dragon costume when I was junior in high school, although it was red. Seriously, ask Erika.

  2. That’s one cute dragon! I can’t wait till Cricket can tag along for trick or treating too.


    You are too funny Robin! Poor Tea has a Mama with a sweet tooth at midnight!
    I have to admit to sneaking all of the Twix’s from NE and Wee’s pumkin’s though 😉 …just not at 2 am!
    Your boys look adorable! NE was once a dragon and looked so, so cute; I know you enjo yed every moment of your cute lil’ green dragon. Pea looks too cute as a little monkey, I can only imagine what your cuties will be next year.

  4. Ohhh, love the Dragon! Great photos (as always).

  5. Adorable! Great shots and the boys are so dang cute!

  6. Bocko, do you have photos of said dragon suit? I had a green one (not this fancy) when I was T’s age.

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