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Confession time

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I wanted to be a mom so I could knit hats and then take pictures of my kids playing in said hats.

I’m livin’ the dream.

What are they doing to me? Get it off my head!

OK, so being outside is better, but I'm still not sure about the hat.

Perhaps climbing will take my mind off of it.

Well, if my brother can wear *that* dumb thing, mine isn't so bad.

Wait a minute. I'm jealous.

Can you lift me, too?

YIKES! Just kidding! Put me down!

That was really fun!

But I'm done now. With the hat. And my shoes.

Here you go.


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  1. Great hat! And they are both adorable – what a pretty fall day!

  2. Simple wonderful!

  3. How cute are your boys!!!!! How’s it all going??

  4. Now that is a great blog post! Awesome pictures, two adorable little boys, lots and lots of fun and the cutest hats Ever! Love this!
    Oh, and the red hat is back! My all time favorite hat! Tea and Pea wear them so well!

  5. He can FLY!!! Seriously adorable 🙂 Looks like you had a pretty great b-day 🙂

  6. I love it! It looks like it would knit up really quickly, too. Ravelry link?

  7. cute hat! I’ll have to check it out on ravelry! 🙂

  8. So cute! And awesome picture of Kyle throwing Pea up in the air. But nothing can top the one of Pea sobbing from having to wear the hat. I think that may be the real feeling our kids have when subjected to wearing things we make for them. Poor kids 🙂

  9. G Cookie and G Bug

    Knowing we can’t be with the boys as much as we would like,the pictures of them playing and having fun help to fill the void of loving grandparents. Keep the pictures coming.
    P.S. What is wrong with a hat with a tassle ?

  10. LOVE. IT. And though I cried when I had to wear stuff my mom made me, now I send her things to make! LOL: the creative-MAKING gene passed me by, but the creative-IDEAS gene still torments me.

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