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Every once in a while I like to pretend I can paint. Usually I subject only my family members to this. Once I painted a life size asian elephant in our basement because the idea of painting a life-size elephant in our basement was burning a hole in my brain. So I had to get the idea out of my head and on to the wall. I’m sure you all have had similar experiences. Anyway, until this weekend I had only painted murals in various family members’ houses. This weekend I branched out and painted a mural at the request of a friend-of-my-sister’s-sister-in-law. It is like hitting the big time.

Now that I have the painting bug again I’m looking at all the walls in my house in a new light. No room is safe. This is a good thing as I haven’t been feeling very inspired to do much of anything creative lately. This may be because I have been on a reading kick and when I get into a reading kick all my ‘free’ time is sucked into the book vacuum. When I get into these reading tizzies I think how much simpler life would be if I was just a reader…. instead of a knitter, seamstress, crafter, schemer. My house would be so clean. I could cut down the possessions in my house by 80%. It sounds so sweet. But then I know I will get back into a creative phase, out of the reading phase, and I will be itching to make things.

On the reading note, I just finished reading Open, Andre Agassi’s autobiography. I was blown away and couldn’t put it down. If you are a tennis player, if you grew up playing tennis, if you have even a remote interest in tennis, or if you love stories of transformation you must read this book. It is such a mind-opening read, such a good example of how things are seldom what they seem. Who knew I could be inspired by Andre Agassi?


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  1. This is too funny — I just finished reading “Open” on Sunday. I couldn’t put it down either, and I can’t figure out why — we’ll have to talk about it. Love the painting!

  2. The mural is awesome! I wish I had a big open wall I could hire you to paint. Hey – what about the OUTSIDE of our house?

    In college I painted murals at the elementary school I did administrative assistant work for. But I cheated and put the pictures together with clip art and then used a projector to enlarge the image on the wall. So really, it was like having a huge vertical coloring book. Very fun, but devoid of any artistic talent.


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