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the world’s smallest pumpkin, grown by Pia

In these days leading up to Thanksgiving I am attempting to get our family to stop and think about gratitude for just a bit each day. Not in a sappy or heavy sort of way, but just to give thanks in simple, fun ways each day.  I am quite weird in that gratitude and guilt are all mixed up in my head. When someone does something nice for me I feel guilty and undeserving, to the point that it often undermines the original kindness. Why is that? Do other people feel that way? I would love to just be thankful… and ditch the guilt. Anyway, I hope Pia can grow up and see gratitude as an uplifting feeling and not have it mixed up with the downer of guilt.

Enter the Blessings Bunting. I am late in getting on the bunting bandwagon, but finally succumbed and stitched one up for Thanksgiving. They are quite fun to make so I now see what all the hoopla is about. I made nine flags, one for each of the letters in “blessings” (ok, ok, nine flags just happened to be what I could get out of the fall-ish color fabric scraps I had… I figured whatever number I came up with could fit some sort of gratitude word. huh. including gratitude apparently.)  I attached paper letters to the flags and in turn wrote activities on the back of the letters for each day/letter. This is not as complicated as I am clearly making it out to be. Today we did the activity for letter “B”. I will post details on this activity tomorrow if the rain has not ruined our efforts. Let’s just say it is a large-scale, cooperative art project inspired by Keri Smith.


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  1. I get the guilt thing.

  2. So there is really no hope for Kyle and I? Or do we need a broader polling?

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