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the thank you tree

Once upon a time in an issue of Family Fun I read an article about Keri Smith, the artist behind Wreck this Journal (which, as a side note,  I am considering getting for everyone on my Christmas list this year). In the article she gave lots of ideas for creating art out of ordinary things and instilling magic into the everyday. One of the ideas was to make a “Wish Tree” where you would invite passers by to write their wishes on strips of paper and then hang them on the tree, the hope being that many people would contribute and the tree would be all aflutter with wishes. A very cool concept, I thought. So as the activity for our first day of gratitude we set up a “Thanks Tree” by the sidewalk in front of our house. Ok, technically it is in front of Robin’s future house, but as that house is currently abandoned we figured it was safe to use that tree. Plus it had lower branches.

The tree is now equipped with pens and tags and instructions. So far the only ‘thanks’ on the tree are ours, but we hope the idea catches on. We will see. If you live in the neighborhood, please stop by and add your ‘thanks’. Tis the season, after all!


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  1. Bethney Pickhardt

    Love this idea! But we don’t have a tree with low branches in the front. I’ll try to think of something else…

    Am I on your Christmas list? 🙂

    • oooohhhh! you could do little flags that you stick in the ground! or paper bags that you fill with sand and then light as luminaria on the night before Thanksgiving! oh so pretty.

      you are always on my Christmas list. in the form of the grab bag 🙂

  2. I forgot to add a tag to the tree – remind me the next time we’re in town checking on our house. 😉

    This is such an awesome idea. We also have no tree with low branches in front and are frighteningly close to the middle school. I like the ideas you had for Bethney, but I’m not sure if a community art project would survive in our location…


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