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Officially a better dancer than me. Not that that’s hard.

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Tonight Tea danced in his first recital and made us all so proud.  Forgive the ridiculous number of nearly identical pictures.  Tea has long-distance grandparents to appease.

Tea took a dance class through a local park and rec program for one hour per week this fall (minus the 3 weeks we were in Thailand).  While he screamed and begged me not to leave him on the first day, he soon  decided the class was fun enough to be away from me.  He adored pretending to move like different animals, playing games like balancing bean bags on different parts of his body, practicing tumbling down mats, and learning a (very) basic ballet routine to perform for the recital.  I really appreciate how low key the whole program was and that the recital was performed at a retirement home for the residents.

Backstage before the performance:

Aww Mommmm. You're embarrassing me.

The cuteness when they walked up the center aisle to the stage, all holding hands, was nearly unbearable.

I am so very proud of him.  He had been nervous about me leaving him backstage and I have to admit that I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d refused to go on stage, or had frozen once he was up there.  But he danced and was AWESOME!  In my totally unbiased opinion, of course.

I have never taken a dance class, so Tea now knows more French that I do.  This move has a name.  I don’t know what it is.  You’ll have to ask him:

It was hard to get pictures showing Tea’s face, because he was so intently following the moves of his teacher, who stood just off stage.  But he was clearly enjoying the moment.

It’s fun to stay at the…


This is near the end of the dance.  It was funny to see that each child was basically doing their own thing.  They were oozing cuteness all over the place.

After the recital we took a group shot, and then celebrated with ice cream.  Tea ate a chocolate cone bigger than his head.


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  1. I’ve seen high school kids who don’t do as good of a job pointing their toes…great technique T!

  2. yay! I was hoping for photos of this when I woke up. you made my day 🙂 great job, tea! when do i get to see a video?

  3. Bethney Pickhardt

    Too cute! I have to look in to park and rec dance classes here. Kudos to you for enrolling him in a dance class – very cool for a boy to do 🙂

  4. I think its great for boys to learn dance! Its such a great way to express yourself ~ kid or adult.

  5. HOw cute! so proud of Tea!! 🙂

  6. That’s awesome Tea! Great job! I wish I’d been able to be there to see it.


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