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For the first time, Tea’s drawings have started to resemble what he’s aiming to draw. This week I plopped the kids at the table with a pile of art supplies so I could cook a batch of laundry soap on the stove. I paid only enough attention to them to see that they were industriously working and not hurting each other. Tea often doesn’t do much of anything when I give him paper and markers/crayons/pencils. He has never cared for scribbling – he’ll draw a line or two and be done. Sometimes he’s content to put stickers on paper or do ink stamping, but that’s been the extent of his interest.

I was therefore quite surprised when I finished my soap and discovered that Tea had drawn a picture that actually resembled a person. Well, sort of. I majored in bacteriology, so to be honest, my geeky mind thought it looked like a bacterium with cillia. But Tea declared it a picture of himself. With feet. Apparently, he has more than I realized. I was careful not to say anything about them (after just clarifying what they were), because I love (love love!) that he draws himself with 42 appendages. I don’t want to make him self conscious.

I begged him for more drawings and he grudgingly obliged with another self portrait, but this one (with even more “feet”) was only one inch tall.  He does not like to produce art on demand.  When not pressured, however, he’s also given me a whale and a Christmas tree.  I’ve got simple picture frames on the shopping list and I know just where I want to hang them.
My plan will be to scan the really cool artwork before I hang them and toss the old ones.  Then eventually I can make a book (using Blurb, my favorite book-making tool) using all the electronic files I’ve collected.  I don’t have to keep a box of art that will get old and dusty and eventually prompt me to call my 33-year-old child to ask “Is it OK if I throw out your kid art now?  Or do you want it?”.  (Sorry, Mom.  😉  )


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  1. this sounds just like Q. lets just say Q’s style is very much abstract art still. I am planning on doing the same thing with the artwork once he starts. I have begun taking pictures of some of his craft projects and doing lapbooks. he enjoys going back and looking at them. Yay for T!

  2. HOLY CRAP! How do you scan like that?! I am DROWNING in pictures, and I hate to see Sid’s disappointed face when he catches me recycling his artwork. (oops, bad mom alert). I have got to learn how to do this!
    Um, how come you cook laundry soap? What am I missing here? Besides the crafty gene, I mean.
    P.S. Todd said Sid missed Thanu today!! Hope his recital went well, and that we get to see you all soon!

    • Jenn, You can just use any old scanner, or even take a digital photo if you don’t have one.

      I make laundry soap because it is SO cheap. And so am I. 😉 I think the last 2 years of making our own detergent bought one of our tickets to Thailand. OK, maybe only one of the nights at a hotel.

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