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Tea has a long way to go

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Here I was, feeling all proud of my kid’s drawing abilities, when our neighbor had to blow my pride right out of the water.  Sam dropped by today, home from college for Thanksgiving, to give me a most precious gift – a drawing she’d done from a photo she saw of Pea.  She hadn’t met him in person yet, being away at school and all, but she captured him perfectly.

Sam is majoring in illustration.  Her art is so cool it makes me want to write a book just so I can beg her to illustrate it.  I cannot draw to save my life.  My people are still sticks and my faces resemble the ones drawn by first graders.  Make that artistically-challenged first graders.  It never fails to amaze me when people can use a pencil and paper to create something that looks so real.

Thanks, Sam!


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  1. Oh my goodness…that is beautiful! Must have taken hours to draw..look at the detail in the hat! Well Done Sam! How precious for you to have such a beutiful sketch of one beautiful little boy. If you ask her nicely she may do one of Tea…….


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