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Scotch pine acquisition

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We slaughtered our tree for the season.  I think we found a good one.

This was Pea’s first experience with snow-pants and boots.  He seemed to find them comical, and repeatedly threw himself down to the ground, as he’s done in places with soft carpeting.  Tea kept trying to help him up, which was a comedy of errors.

Mostly, however, Pea was much quieter than usual.  I think he was very confused as to the purpose of our tromping around in the cold and then dragging an eight-foot tree back to the car.  Once it was put up in the house, however, he seemed to adopt an attitude of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.  He accepted its presence in the living room and very gently helped me hang some ornaments, as if this was an everyday occurrence when he lived in Thailand and he was a pro.

Tea is especially happy, because his train is set up underneath.


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  1. I see your family talked you out of your usual Charlie Brown tendencies during tree selection this year. Where did you get the cat’s meow buildings for the train set?

  2. Yeah, I didn’t even try to get a homely tree this year. They’re wearing me down.

    The buildings rock and we keep them with the wooden train/car stuff so they get brought out often. I found them for a few dollars at a local consignment store. They are reproductions of actual buildings and have historical info printed on the back. They don’t all seem to be from any one region, though, or of any great significance, so I can’t figure out why those buildings in particular were made as a set. In any case, Tea loves playing with them.


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