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First snow, a progression

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Moment 1:  “Hey, did you guys see this?  There’s something falling from the sky.”

Moment 2: “Oh cool!  It’s so pretty all over the ground!”

Moment 3:  “My brother is excited, so that means that whatever this is, it’s going to be great!”

Moment 4: “Look at me – I’m walking in it!  I am so. cool.”

Moment 5: “I’ve gotta get these stupid mittens off my hands so I can really dig into this stuff!  Why are you looking at me like that?  I know what I’m doing.”

Moment 6:  “See what I mean?  Now I can play so much easier.  You really should try this – it’s awesome!”

Moment 7: “AGGHHHHH!  It burns!  It burns!  Get me back inside!  I HATE this stuff!  What are you DOING to me?”

Welcome to Wisconsin, Pea.  This is only the beginning.  You have no idea.


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  1. You are a blogging fool!! How did I get so far behind on your awesome posts??? This is hilarious 🙂 And Pea’s smile is killing me. He really is too cute for words.

  2. Oh, Pea is looking so cute and happy. Love the shots! Also can’t believe all that snow you are getting already! I’m hoping we have a more mild winter this year around here!


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