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We are awash in advent goodness these days.  Honestly, I think the countdown to Christmas is much sweeter than Christmas itself. Christmas comes and goes in a flash, but advent makes us slow down and suck the marrow from the season.  One of my favorite advent things we do is an idea I took from my lovely friend Jill. For each day leading up to Christmas I wrap up a different Christmas-y book in a cloth drawstring bag and attach a number to it. Each night Pia gets to open a “new” book to read. Of course they aren’t new, they are the same ones from the year before, but if you saw the way Pia danced around the room last night after opening A Charlie Brown Christmas you would think it was the greatest gift she had ever received.  Most of the books are ones that I have picked up from St. Vinny’s over the years, but I did splurge and buy a few on Amazon. Like Buying Mittens and Petunia’s Christmas. The latter is my favorite Christmas book of all time. I think. It is hard to choose, but, come on, a goose working to buy the freedom of the gander she loves so? Swoon.


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  1. It would take me 2 months to sew that many bags. You’re a sewing wizard. Such a cool idea! I will steal it from you next year, but may need to resort to wrapping in brown grocery bags.

    Do you have Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve? I adore Minerva Louise, and given your love for poultry, I think you would, too.

    • I have never heard of Minerva Louise, but am now hot on her trail, thanks to you. I do have a bit of a fowl fetish, don’t I? Indeed, that is 3% of the reason you need to move next door. So that I can commit the back quarter of our yard to a chicken run.

      And never underestimate the aesthetic appeal of paper bags 🙂

  2. Oh, those bags are too die for. What a great idea for a teacher’s gift. Fill one of those fabulous bags with books for your child’s teacher’s classroom library! Love them!

    • That is a great idea! I wonder if the teachers at our school have book wish lists somewhere. Hmmm. Thanks for getting the wheels turning in my brain!


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