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stop. go.


While painting recently…. ack, who am I kidding, every time we paint together Pia ends up in a state similar to the one above. Things begin well. The brush is dipped in the paint, the paint is neatly administered to the paper in an attempt to make some sort of image, I’m happy to be enjoying this lovely time with my daughter. But then things start to turn. It starts with the mixing of the paint, which I am all for, go crazy with the color creation and all, but then the mixing leads to adding water which leads to putting paint in the water which leads to other things being added to the water which then always, always, ends up with the hands being painted. In this particular episode, featured above, her hands ended up red and green and thus began an elaborate monologue consisting of “stop” and “go” and much laughter. In my head all I could think of was how it seemed to be a monologue about life with kids. Stop. Go. Laugh. Stop. Go. Stop. Cry.

Pia came down with a cold last week and caught a nasty mood along with it. Everything was a struggle.  She didn’t want to do anything. I couldn’t do anything right. Nothing helped. I couldn’t cure her cold and I couldn’t help her mood. We were in a ‘stop’ phase. It seemed that all the lessons we as parents had been trying to teach were wiped away with one lousy cold. I was so annoyed.

Finally the weekend came and she passed the cold on to me. Sniff. So now I am the sick one and I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to play “Sorry” for the 865th time and I don’t want to pretend to be a patron in a diner/mama bear/pet owner/veterinarian in her epic stories. Not that I have a choice. And, really, if I wasn’t sick I wouldn’t mind. But it makes me empathize with her mood of last week, and realize that it was a brief bump in the road, cold induced, and that we will be back into a ‘go’ phase soon enough. I’m just hoping it hits around Christmas. And lasts for several years.

As for the painting, one would think that if every painting episode ends up with a painted child that I would stop with the paint already. But, alas, I do love the painting sessions, even with the cringe-worthy ending. It is so, so lovely for the first 15 minutes. And we have switched to tempera paint, so hurray for that.


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