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Yesterday’s advent activity was to make gingerbread cookies, which is fun in theory, but 7/8ths of the way through the baking I realized I don’t really like gingerbread cookies. Next year we are making chocolate men. Tastiness aside, it did end up being loads of fun because the dough we made was a bit too soft for cookie cutters so instead we shaped a giant gingerbread man. Pre-baking he fit within the pan, but by the end of his time in the oven he was a bit scrunched. But still, apparently, happy. Even if his tootsie roll toes melted. He is such a trooper. Indeed, even after Pia picked him up last night and he snapped right in half he was still smiling.

After shaping our giant man we wanted more fun and Pia requested to make a, well, really I should let you guess. Below is her creation. In all fairness you should know that one leg was eaten before this picture was taken. And no, it is not a crab or a spider. A thousand points to the first person who gets it right. Or close. Or within the correct phylum.


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  1. Bwah ha ha ha! Seriously funny! It looks like the man is trying to cross his legs but he still didn’t quite make it in time. And yet, definitely happy. =P You don’t like gingerbread? Wow.

    Tea said, of the second cookie: “What IS that? Is it a cookie? It has chocolate on it. Is it a crab? A mosquito? A turtle? An octopus? It has EYES!”

    I haven’t the slightest idea.

  2. Turtle


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