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now if only i could sleep

The Christmas pajamas are finished and all wrapped up ready to be opened tomorrow night. The house is clean. The presents are made and/or bought. The cards are sent. Uncle Dan’s award-winning peanut butter balls are on their way. The guest beds are made. The furniture is mostly de-cat-haired. All that really needs to be done is done. So why can’t I sleep?

I guess it is because of all the other little things that don’t need to be done, but could have been done. The Christmas concerts we didn’t go to. The krumkake we still haven’t made. The evenings of hot cocoa around the Christmas tree that didn’t happen because we were frantically trying to get other things done. The last minute gifts that I really could make! Sigh. I guess whether you are a kid in high anticipation of Christmas or an adult trying to make Christmas perfect for the little ones, it is just very hard to settle down to sleep.

Notes on the pajamas: I make pajamas for the three of us each Christmas. I intend to do this until Pia declares she will die of embarrassment if made to wear matching pjs ever again. So, like, for two more years. Last year I bought long sleeve t-shirts to match the pants I sewed, but this year I could only find short sleeve t-shirts (at the one store I looked at… I didn’t try all that hard). As short sleeves in winter are ridiculous I added on flannel to make long sleeves to match the pants. It is all very puffy and billowy and I hope insanely comfortable. Perhaps when I put them on tomorrow night I will be able to sleep.



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  1. Ah yes, krumkake. Okay. We could have a January krumkake-making party. Or perhaps February when you actually can fathom eating something sweet after the cookies disappear by mid-January. Well, I did not make it either, even after finding a prized electric krumkake griddle at a rummage sale & deciding I needed to get in touch with my Norwegian roots this Christmas. It still sits on the basement storage shelf. Maybe next year!

    PS – My mom would make me & 2-3 sisters each a new dress for Christmas, Easter, & a birthday outfit each year. Usually the holiday ones matched. I don’t know how she ever managed with 5 children & nursing part-time & being a Pastor’s wife. Pajamas is a great fun idea!

  2. Thank you for today, Pom Pom Superheroes! You saved the day! 🙂 Wow, looks like you had a productive day…all of the essentials done by 8:30! I’m just winding down for the night, but it was a successful day too. So nice that the guys were home and could help with the kids…did you hear that they served them snow with honey on top? in bowls? in the kitchen?!? Sounds like they had a really great day together…

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy and relax! And thank you for the Christmas card…your personal touches always amaze me… 🙂


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