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a bit of catching up, part 1

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Where does the time go? You spend a few days relaxing and out of nowhere, BAM! it’s a new year. There are so many things to catch up on, but as I am still chipping away at the mountain of missed sleep over the holidays I will have to catch up bit by bit over the next few days.

To begin, let us travel back to the eve of Christmas. To set the stage, picture this: a winter wonderland, parents-in-law in from out of town, husband off from work, daughter eager to go sledding with the whole family. What do I do as the group dons winter gear and heads off to the big hill? Meekly ask if it would be okay if I stayed home to sew. Yes, I bailed on the family sledding outing on Christmas Eve so I could stay home and sew by myself. I felt a tiny bit guilty, but oddly couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. To counter the guilt I reminded myself that the sewing was for Pia and if I worked very quickly I could finish the project and the missed sledding outing would be worth it. Here are the results. Christmas dress start to finish in less than 2 hours.

Pia asked why I cut off her head as I was editing this photo. I assume you can guess why though it is less apparent to my 5-year-old why I would possibly edit out her sticking her fingers in her mouth to stretch it in to a frog face. Anyway. The dress. In yet another example of how I clearly do not know what size I am, this dress began as a shirt that I had picked up for myself at St. Vinny’s. It is a silk Banana Republic turtle neck with a lovely cowl neck that is intended to be worn off the shoulder by an adult. An adult who is apparently a size negative 4. I took the cowl neck in with some gathered stitches around the perimeter so it became a bunchy, ruffly neckline and wouldn’t fall off Pia’s shoulder (the off-the-shoulder look is considerably less attractive on the youngster set).  The sleeves were insanely long, but didn’t look weird (to me) because they were so tight that the bunchy look seemed intentional. The skirt was sewn from some velvet fabric left over from the wedding dress my mom made for me (yes, my mother sewed my wedding dress, she is that amazing and I try not to think very often about what a sewing hack I am compared to her). I guessed on the size, basted around the waist and then attached it to the shirt at about the place where I thought her waist would be. Then I added a gigantic satin bow to polish off the look (and to hide the intersection of shirt and skirt). Done and done.

The dress was made because in a moment of cheapness and weakness I promised Pia I would make her a Christmas dress. We were shopping at Kohl’s and she saw a very cute velvet dress and she clearly coveted it. To get out of the store and avoid buying a $20 dress I quickly steered her away and said, “oh, that is so cute, I can make you one!”. I felt I had to live up to my promise. St. Rick, I am sorry.

Oh, clearly my telling her that we can make things as an excuse to get out of buying things is coming back to haunt me. Today she came home from school and told me about her friend’s pillow pet. Instead of saying, “can I get one?” she smiled and said “we can sew one!”. So I am off to look up what a pillow pet looks like and to see how we can scrap one together tomorrow morning.



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  1. Ooooohhhhh, can we please sew a pillow pet with you someday? Pillow Pets were THE requested gift this year by Lou and she happily ended up with 3 at her house…one big one from Santa, a mini from an aunt, and a mini intended to be for baby brother from aunt, …but none would be so special as one she’d help make herself. What a fab idea! 🙂

  2. Can you sew me a dress? 🙂 This is gorgeous!


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