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someday this won’t quite cut it

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As mentioned earlier, Pia came home from school on Tuesday with her head filled with pillow pets.  Until that point I wasn’t really sure what a pillow pet was. I had heard a couple of small children mention them, but had yet to see them with my own eyes. But whatever they were, Pia was smitten and wanted one. So, as is my custom,  I said we could make one. I realize that this will only cut it for a precious few more years, if that. At some point her mom’s handmade version will not be an acceptable replacement for the ‘real’ thing. So I am relishing every project that I get to undertake until then.

I googled pillow pets and discovered that they are exactly what the name implies. Pia started out wanting a donkey, but wanted it red. And blue. As luck would have it I happened to have both colors in my stash, in fuzzy soft velour. As the project went on it was unclear whether it was a doggie or a donkey she wanted, but it didn’t really matter as she was most focused on making sure I didn’t forget to add the strap. The strap is apparently the most important part of the pillow pet and once the pet was finished she found much joy in showing me how it converts from pillow to pet, all by the simple doing and undoing of a strap of velcro.

Here Pia demonstrates the pillow:

And here the ‘pet’ models on its own, strap securely fastened beneath his pillow belly (and yes, he is cross-eyed, and yes, he has a 5-inch-long tongue):

I eagerly await the day I get to meet a ‘real’ pillow pet as I would like to see how they are actually constructed. Happily, Pia thinks her handmade version is just fine. However she has taken to ordering it around which is totally weird, but a subject for another day.


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  1. Debbie Schaefer

    Absolutely adorable…. love that pillow pet – and that red fabric! Cute. cute. cute.

  2. Wow, that pillow pet is way cuter than the ones I’ve seen at the store. Pia is one lucky girl 🙂

  3. I agree, your pillow pet is a vast improvement on the original. I’m thinking a tutorial is in order! Did you just sketch out the head and ears on paper?

    • ooooohhh, do you think I can do a tutorial without the pillow pet authorities coming to get me? 🙂 I’ve never done a tutorial, this could be exciting!

      • Be careful. If we don’t hear from you for a few months, we’ll know the feds got you. My mom made me a fake cabbage patch kid in the 80’s, and she didn’t have to go underground. Hopefully, you can fly below the radar!!

        • Hey my mom made us fake cabbage patch dolls, too! In fact, Tea has them up in his room right now. Poor boy. =)

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