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My mom’s next door neighbor gave her a little book called “My ABC Drawers: Collecting Miniatures” by Marion Newport Biagi. It is this little (4×6 inches), green book filled with perhaps the coolest idea ever. Biagi describes how she converted a set of drawers found at the hardware store (intended to hold nuts and bolts and the like) into a means to collect and organize tiny things. She labeled each drawer and then over time filled them with cute little things, organized alphabetically. Her book describes a variety of activities you could do with the drawers and a list of all the possible little things you could fill the drawers with. It is pretty much the coolest idea ever published in a slim 4×6 inch book. I have been wanting to make one for Pia ever since I got my hands on the book. So yesterday, as an after school surprise, I made one for her. As luck would have it I had an old set of drawers in the basement, just waiting to be prettied up.

I clearly chose the wrong paper to use on the middle row, as the letters are hard to see, but I can get around to correcting that later. Instead of filling up all the drawers ahead of time, I just put a few things in to give an idea of what the drawers were for, like a marble in the ‘m’ drawer and a spool in the ‘s’ drawer. Then when Pia came home from school we had fun running around the house, finding anything small enough to fit in a drawer and then deciding what letter the object started with and then putting it in the correct drawer. This is a pretty fabulous activity for a little girl just learning her letters, the sounds they make, and how letters make up words. So cool.

We found a barrette and a bouncy ball for the ‘b’ drawer.

And a spool, shoe, sign, and sparkle ball for the ‘s’ drawer. Perhaps the best thing about this (beyond the, you know, learning) is that all the little bits that clutter my home now find their way into drawers. Ahhhh.

Thank you, Mrs. S, for passing on this very cool book!


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  1. This reminds me of when we were at the Madison Children’s Museum with Tea and Pea a few weeks ago. They have a big sorting table with dividers and changeable labels and all kinds of small objects to separate by color, size, shape, or whatever categories you pick. Very cool idea. You could probably make different labels for your drawers to slide in the fronts so that Pia can mix it up later.


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