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a bit of catching up, part 2

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It feels like Christmas was years ago, but by the calendar only a mere 3 weeks. How can that be? How does time stretch and contract itself in my brain? How is it possible that I have known Robin for a mere 3 years and yet, clearly, it has been several decades? And how did Pia go from 2 to 5 years old in about 30 seconds? So weird.

Musings on time aside, there is one more bit of crafting I did for Christmas that must be documented, if only to a) put ideas in other people’s brains and b) expound on the age-old less-is-more adage. For ages (well, like, two years) I have been wanting to make a super awesome fabric house to fit over our dining room table for Pia. Oh, the beauty of it in my head. Finally I put scissors to fabric and started the grand architecture of cloth. In the mere 2.5 hours that Pia was in school each day I would lay out my grand project and pin and sew and measure and pin and sew and scheme. It was such fun. And amazingly I had it (essentially) done by Christmas Eve. It has a door, a doorbell, a house number, a mailbox and a door knob:

It has tulle windows, window boxes, buttons to attach and rearrange flowers on (cousin H-bro is not a permanent fixture of the house, but an enthusiastic part-time tenant):

The weird thing is, though, after all the scheming and planning and sewing, I think the same effect could have been achieved by just draping an enormous blanket over the table. It is yet another example of making things more complicated than they need to be. Did I have fun sewing it? Yes, loads. Did I have fun planning it? Oh, way too much. But did I rob my daughter of her own fort creation fun by making it? Who knows. It is like the old cardboard box is more fun than the toy that was in it theory.


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  1. No no no! This house is totally awesome and I bet she’ll spend way more time playing in it than she would with blankets. In fact, I want one too. I love the mailbox, the windows, the door. And you’ve already seen how my moth-I mean kid-loves the lights inside.

  2. Awesome house idea, and it turned out wonderfully! I would try making one out of old sheets, except that my table is round. The planning phase of that seems quite a bit less fun than a square version.


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