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Total lack of crafty behavior

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I have been in a creative slump.  I didn’t even attempt anything homemade during the holidays, and the only thing remotely interesting that I’ve made in the last month was a snow castle that has already fallen half over, only one day after it’s creation.

I guess I’m knitting something, but it’s more frustrating than creative so I’m pretending that particular project doesn’t exist.

The only thing remotely creative I’ve done is pull out my camera a few times to take pictures of the boys, so I appologize now and warn you to navigate away while you still can – this is just a boring kid pics post.

Pea is getting used to having the camera in his face for obnoxious periods of time and has even started requesting it.  He loves to make faces and then run around to the back of the camera to see just how silly he was.  This is lots of fun for me, but it also means that if I just want a nice, smiling picture of him, I’m totally out of luck.

Tea nails a nice smile on the first shot.

Pea gives me this:

I used to think Tea had a future as the class clown, but he’s got nothing on his brother.  Who is apparently also contagious.


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  1. Freakin’ priceless! That kid’s got one expressive face. Tea’s lookin’ mighty fine, himself.

  2. Pea has a lot of different faces, totally cute!!

  3. Prachtig !!! Wat stralen die foto’s geluk uit !
    Geniet ervan ! Chris

  4. Ah! I love seeing pics of the boys. Pea is killing me! What dolls they both are.

  5. Love. It. Your boys are cruising toward a career in child modeling… I would totally book Pea as the face of any baby product I was pushing!! Hilarious! Wait til Sid gets ahold of him with the having to see the picture immediately. He now thinks all films feature himself, due to my tendency to film him with my phone…

  6. And years from now, you (& Pea) will both love the silly photos much more than any other because they are really who he is right now! Beautiful!

  7. what cracks me up is the spectrum of faces that pea was able to generate in one photo shoot. impressive. and i love the hair 🙂

    • Ah yes. He’d stuck his sticky fingers into his hair at dinner so that hairdo is called “scrubbed with a wet washcloth on one side”. It’s one of my specialties.

  8. Too cute! I wouldn’t worry about the lack of crating going on, it looks like you are having lots of fun!

  9. What adorable pictures! I’m just finally catching up on your lives since you brought Pea home. It looks like he is thriving. I hope you are surviving! It looks like a very active household. No wonder you don’t have much time to do creative projects. But, I’m sure your boys are a delight. What a great mom you are!

  10. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Great photos!


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