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Dusting off the sewing machine

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I cannot remember the last time I sewed something.  Thinking….nope.  No idea.

Tomorrow is Pea’s 2nd birthday.  I remembered today that I’d made Tea a birthday crown for his second birthday and that it had been fairly easy, even for a poser sewer like myself.  (Obligatory OH MY GOSH WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! statement.)

So during nap time I dug out my stash of felt and, miraculously, found the pattern I’d used for Tea’s crown.  I’d modified it quite heavily – no felt roses or anything, so this time I just changed one of the colors – not my first choice, but they were in the house.  I wanted Pea’s to match his brother’s crown, or I’d have made this cool one I found during my search – it would have even given me a chance to play with the decorative stitches on my machine.  Maybe the boys will destroy outgrow these and I’ll make new ones soon.

I was able to cut the pieces and get half of it sewn before the boys woke up.  Once they were awake, Tea dismantled my sewing room while Pea stood and watched me sew with rapt attention.  I’d forgotten his foster family was a group of seamstresses with sewing machines in their living room.  He must have spent the majority of his first 2 years watching women sew, albeit with much more skill and ease.  I wonder what he was thinking as he saw a sewing machine in action again.

Pea seemed genuinely excited to receive a crown of his own, adding the words “crown” and “wear” to his rather small vocabulary.  Tea was of course inspired to dig out his own crown so they could wear them together.  They spent the rest of the day wearing them, trading them, and putting them on the poor dog.  I’m so, so sorry, Punkin.  But I’m glad I thought to make the crown.  It was an easy project and he’s so happy to have it.

What birthday traditions do you have with your kids?




It didn't take long before Tea wanted in on the action



How old are you going to be tomorrow, Pea?


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  1. SO cute!! Happy Birthday Pea! Love the ride-on Bee, where did that come from? We obviously need to come over to your house soon 🙂 Hooray for sewing again!

  2. So cute, Robin! Those look like fun for non-birthday playtime too. I hope Pea has a sweet birthday!

  3. Robin love the crowns! Bithday traditions at our house…their pick for breakfast (anything…this has included a popcycles and hot dogs…YIKES!) and a homemade cake of their choosing. Not too extravagant but at least it’s their day. Happy Birthday to P!

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