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I have a bit of a confession. An admission, really. Something that I’ve never really said out loud. Here goes.


There! I said it. It is mildly embarrassing. Sort of like admitting to loving The O.C. Or still having a crush on Adam Brody. Or still loving Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley no matter how overplayed. Hmmm.

Anyway, with the big day right around the corner I had a hankering to make something out of a yard of valentine-ish fabric that Laurie’s mom had given me. It was sitting on the shelf just begging to be used. So I asked Pia’s school teacher if there was anything on her wish list for the room for February. And, swoon, she asked for a mailbag since they convert the play kitchen into a post office at this time of year. Between my love of v-day and my love of the USPS this was a project that had happy! written all over it.

Yes, that is an official Post Office patch. I found it at an antique store a couple weekends ago. The stars were quite neatly aligned for this project. But where is the valentine-ness, you ask? Well, no self respecting mail person would show his hearts on the outside of his bag. But inside, well, that is another story:

It makes me smile now every time I see our Mailman Dave, just thinking that on the inside of his USPS-issued mail bag there are hearts of every shape and size. And really, wasn’t that the real reason behind the creation of the postal service? So people could send love to one another via pony across the miles? I think so.

I had a bit of fabric left over so I stitched some 4×6 squares to cardstock so they could be valentine postcards in the mailbag.

Now back to spending waaaaaayyyyyy too much time thinking of what Pia and I should make for valentines for her classmates. Squeal!  I love Valentines Day!!


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  1. I love Valentines’ Day as well! You did a great job on your postbag and cards craft!!
    Here are 4 blogs with lots of inspiration for Valentine and other crafty days… well, maybe you know them already? Good Luck with your crafts! I can’t wait to see what you will be making for school… I know already what I am making, soon on my blog 🙂


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