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back to my glory days

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Back in my prime I was an awesome ping pong player. Tournament after tournament I ruled the table, always coming out as the victor. It was the one sport I really shone at. Admittedly the tournaments always consisted of my family, and they were doubles tournaments at that, and the finals were always my brother Craig and I defeating my other brother Jeff and our dad. But still, I was awesome.

Sadly, this skill has become quite rusty over the years and recently I was handed a devastating loss at the hands of my nephew. I am no longer in the same league as this younger generation with their lightning quick video-game-honed reflexes, their hours of time to devote to the game, and their castle-like homes that can house a ping-table. This brings me great sorrow. My nephews no longer regard me as the aunt with the mad ping-pong skills. I’m just a washed-up has-been who likes to bring up her last tournament victory (in 1996) a bit too often.

But not anymore!!! While antiquing this weekend with my sister (our new, horribly addictive pastime) I found this:


I know, I know. Ping pong in a box. Two paddles. A net. All in a neat 7 x 13 box which I can put on the shelf when done playing. Genius. No behemoth ping pong table taking up precious basement space for us! Just a clear dining room table (actually a bit of a rarity) and I can hone my skills once again. This may be the best $18 I have ever spent. Even though apparently I overpaid for the item, it more than pays for itself in the space it saves and the fun it promotes.


Watch out Jeff and PG. I smell another victory for Craig and I coming up. Reunion tour 2011!! Woohoo!!

(Andrew, I believe you are still safe as no amount of practicing can make up for my age at this point. Congratulations.)


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  1. Craig Gundersen

    I’m pleased to see you are honing your ping-pong skills such that we can establish our title again. (I don’t think it is “regain our title” since we never lost it.) To make the table more akin to the one on Keelson, though, you will need to have the Crusher come over and hack at your table with with a paddle every time he misses a shot. If Jim wanted to do this he could but it might be difficult to convey the Crusher’s passion for the game.


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