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after school surprises for my personal creativity trainer

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After winter break I started doing after-school surprises for Pia to ease the transition back to school. And by ‘ease the transition’ I basically mean bribing her to go to school and trying anything to stop the flood of tears. This seemed like a good idea at the time. It has since turned into a bit of  monster, but I am trying to see it in a more optimistic light. As anyone could have seen coming (except, apparently, me) Pia now demands an after-school surprise every day. And a Pia demand is nothing to make light of. So, instead of viewing this as “I am creating a spoiled, stubborn daughter who expects to get things every day after school” (which would be totally 100% accurate) I am choosing to view it as having a personal creativity trainer. My head is always abuzz with things I want to make, but never make time for. But now that I have a personal creativity trainer who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but also doesn’t really care what the ‘surprise’ is, I find time for crafty creativity every day!! Win-win-win!!

Yesterday I got out the paints and made this for her. It is two birds, the mama bird is made from a map of Wisconsin and vicinity (where we live) and the baby bird is made from a map of Thailand and vicinity (where Pia was born). I slathered paint on the canvas, cut out the two birds, stuck them on the canvas using the paint as a glue and then when things were dry I painted an outline around the two birds, and added beaks, legs and eyes. Voila! I had creative fun for a half hour and Pia got an after school surprise!


Another day I took an old bird coloring book we had gotten at St. Vinny’s which had some pages already colored in. I ripped out the pages that had been colored in so all that was left were the clean pages. Then I added a felt cover with velcro clasp and embellished it with a felt bird that I cut out. It made the old coloring book seem new and special. Now when we see a bird outside we identify it and then color in the picture of that bird in the book. The whole thing took all of 15 minutes for me, though I had been thinking of recovering the book for ages.

It is possible that if Pia knew I was having a ball making these after school surprises she might stop asking for them. In the mean time, though, I am loving having my very own personal creativity trainer.


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