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Pia’s grandma gave her a copy of Look Book by Tana Hoban which is a fun photo book where you try to guess what each photo is by just seeing a small part of the picture.  We had fun guessing what each picture was and they trying to stump other people that we shared the book with. As an after school surprise I got together the materials for us to make our own “look book”. The project was very simple and easily done with things we had around the house.

As luck would have it we had a stack of animal pictures ripped from magazines that we had been saving for a project. I selected a dozen of the coolest pictures and cut them all to 5×7 inches. Then I cut a dozen pieces of cardstock to the same size. At first I attempted to just make one hole with our 1″ circle punch, but the punch only let me get so far from the perimeter of the cardstock, so I ended up folding the cardstock in half and cutting through two layers, making two holes that look sort of like eyes and which were closer to the middle of the paper. When doubled the cardstock was too hard for Pia to punch through, so if you do this project with kids I suggest using colored typing paper or similar light weight paper to punch. After we punched holes Pia lined up each animal photo with the punched cardstock and we assembled all the pictures into a book. When Jim got home Pia showed off her newest publication.

Here is the sneak peek:

and here is the reveal:

We “bound” the book by using an old plastic report cover thing where you slide the papers in and the spine squeezes around the paper. Once we had slid the papers in we just cut off the excess plastic from the 8 1/2 by 11 cover.


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