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Years ago, pre-Pia, I read a book called “Zen and the Art of Knitting” by Bernadette Murphy. One of the people she profiles in the book is a woman named Clare Crespo who knits food. At the time (pre-kids) I could not fathom why someone would spend their time knitting food when they could be making sweaters or hats… you know, useful stuff. Now I have a kid. And now I totally, 100% get it. Making play food is just about the most satisfying thing in the world. As luck would have it Pia’s class is making a little restaurant play area, so I got to make lots and lots of play food. Hooray!!

A chocolate cupcake anyone?

Oh, you prefer more options? Your choices are vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate.

Not ready for dessert? Perhaps you would like a sandwich. Cheese? Pickles? Tomatoes? Lettuce? Just velcro your choices together! And you need some vegetables. Here, have a carrot.



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