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We are on a nursery rhyme roll here. Yesterday Pia’s teacher requested a humpty dumpty to use in the class. Pia was in an amazingly cooperative mood and she and I got to work. I cut pieces. She glued on eyes and tears and shoes. I sewed. She stuffed. We were a great team and in no time Humpty had come to life. Contrary to popular belief you can put Humpty Dumpty together again. Hee, hee.

I started out embroidering the face features, but quickly got lazy and opted for paint instead. Way easier. Humpty has sand in his bottom which makes him sit up nicely even without something to lean against. Which is good because in the classroom he has to perch on a wall made of cardboard bricks. But even sand in his bottom can’t prevent him from falling off the wall. Again and again and again.

Flip Humpty around and he is very sad. A big crack in his head and sparkly tears streaming down his face. Though maybe I am reading his emotions wrong. Perhaps he is just sad that I placed his arms so high up that they look like ears. As if it isn’t hard enough being an enormous egg.


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  1. You are amazing, Courtney. There is a high-paying job (besides mommy-hood) for you somewhere! Great to hear you’re enjoying 4K, too!

  2. Courtney, I try not to post a lot on here, but you crack me up! (Haha–another pun) The arms looking like ears comment..classic you! Thanks for grounding me with daily life…and yes, as others have posted, you have enough creative creations to potentially take you & Jim to retirement! (Too bad they are all running out & creating them instead! Hahaha!)

  3. LOL very funny! Now that you mention it I can’t help seeing ears šŸ™‚ I’ve enjoyed my visit here!

  4. Debbie Schaefer

    Love this (and the food post) and I bet Pia’s teacher is REALLY loving your support and endless creative energy. And, you still make me laugh. Every single time. You should have a tv show! Crafts and laughs. Do you have an ETSY store yet?


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