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The nursery rhyme prop sew-a-thon continues here and I am having a ball. Indeed, a bit too much fun is being had and that is clearly illustrated in how dirty the rest of my house has become. Why do laundry when I could be creating a water pail for Jack to fall down with? Why sweep the floor/pick up clutter/do the dishes when I could be sewing crowns by the dozens?

The latest request from Pia’s teacher was a pail that has water spilling out of it. Well, that has water in it and then out of it when Jack falls down and breaks his crown and Jill comes tumbling after. I knew some blue silk would be in order, as well as some craftily placed sand to make the pail tip every time it is dropped. Here is what the pail looks like just after Jack fills it (he is a bit unsteady, hence the water sloshing around):

Then, after Jack trips and falls and (presumably) spills his pail, it looks like this:

The silk is lightweight and billowy enough that it naturally falls out as the bucket tips. I attached the pail handle by using metal eyelets and buttons so that the handle could freely move to one side as the bucket tips. I tested the prop out several times by falling to the ground and dropping the pail and the water pours out 90% of the time. Hopefully the kids will also get such results.

Next up: a candlestick for Jack to jump over. I do hope it is a different Jack as this one is quite clumsy. And jumping over a candlestick with a broken crown is ill-advised.


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