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pia jumped over the candlestick

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I think this is my last nursery rhyme prop. Which is horribly sad. I will have to think of another project to give me reason to neglect household chores.

This is the candlestick for Jack, the quick and nimble (not the clumsy oaf who drops his water pail), to jump over. It began as a toilet paper tube which I stitched a satin and quilt batting sleeve for. The flame is the same material I used for the clementines, sort of a nubby wool fabric that has a lovely visual texture. I machine stitched the flame to the inside-out tube sleeve and then flipped the whole thing right side out and slid the toilet paper tube into it to make it stiffer and to stand up straight. The base is 4 layers of fabric with wire in it. The 4 layers give it the necessary stiffness and weight and the wires enabled me to bend the handle of the candlestick.

The next step was to have Jack’s stunt double (Pia) test out the jumping over bit. Taking the photos during the day would have been a better option, but this fuzzy picture makes her look super fast.

There is some good clearance there. She didn’t even get singed! I think I see a steeplechase career in her future. Do they let girls run steeplechase? Or is that one of the few boys-only events left?


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  1. You are so good at improvisation ~ I’m impressed with the pail and candlestick. Have you considered a prop-making career? Nice action shot of Pia too!


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