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Tea’s favorite movies are My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Never mind that I can count the number of movies he’s seen in his life on one hand.  These two, both written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, have captured his imagination.  He talks about Kiki as if she’s a friend and he’s already logged a request to be Totoro for Halloween.

As luck would have it, he got to see his favorite characters in an exhibit at Appleton’s The Building for Kids, as part the traveling Jump to Japan exhibit.

Riding the cat bus



Tea's tea. I just noticed Tea's mouth is actually *on* this cup. Ew.


Tea is so pleased to pose with Totoro. Pea could care less.


Let’s just pretend this post is substantial.  That’s all I’ve got for now.


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  1. I also can count the movies that Lou has seen on one hand – partly because just about every movie we’ve ever tried has been WAY too scary for her…apart from the Tinkerbell series, Mary Poppins, and the first Toy Story…we’ve had no luck. I’m wondering … since you’ve probably given your handful of movies Tea has watched some thought and consideration, which others have you and Tea liked and where did you hear of them? Maybe I’m just not in the loop but I’ve never heard of the ones you’ve mentioned in this post. Maybe there are some other gems that you know of that would be worth a watch?

  2. Yep, anything with a villain character is way too scary for Tea also. And I tried to show him Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, but he was totally uninterested and wouldn’t watch 5 minutes of them. The other movies he has seen were actually not great choices, but handy at the time – he tolerated them but neither he nor I wanted to play them again.

    I was first introduced to Hayao Miyazaki movies by a friend in college. Tea actually asked me to turn off My neighbor Totoro the first time I played it for him – he was bored. But then the waitress at our favorite sushi restaurant put it on when we came in with the boys, and he was hooked. He asked for “that movie from Japan” and was thrilled he could watch it at home, too. I was surprised he liked Kiki’s Delivery Service so much because he doesn’t fully understand the plot, but it’s a nice story also. If you find any other good movies, let me know!

  3. I love Totoro too and what good luck that exhibit came to town. Neko no basu! Have you seen the newest Miyazaki movie, Ponyo? I still 100% back Totoro but its nice to have a change of scenery sometimes.

    • I was trying to play with Pea while Tea watched Ponyo so I think I missed a few key scenes and never really understood what was going on. He didn’t get it either, and was really upset that the boy’s mom left him alone in charge of Ponyo, at the age of 5. His eyes got huge huge wide with fear and I had to reassure him I would NOT leave him alone in the middle of a disaster (or ever) like that. I would have thought that Totoro would be scary for him because the mom is in the hospital for a long time, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. Go figure. =)


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