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let the wild wildflower rumpus begin!!

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Against my better judgement I agreed to be co-chair of the gardening committee at Pia’s school. What this basically means is that instead of just failing in my own gardens I can fail on a grander scale in a more public venue. Mostly I jest. In reality there are enough lovely volunteers in addition to my very green-thumbed co-chair, Sandy, that my hare-brained schemes rarely are allowed to wreak havoc on more than just a little bit of the garden at a time.

The current hare-brained idea of mine is getting the kindergarten classes to grow wildflower seeds. You know those wildflower seed packets that are often handed out as promotional items for banks or other businesses? The packets that promise an insta-wildflower garden? The ones that you scatter in the garden with high hopes but then forget to water and really completely forget are even there and nothing ever comes up because of the neglect and forgetfulness? Yes, well, our school butterfly garden received several of these packets included with a very generous donation from a local bank. And I am determined to have these seeds grow into the beauties that they can be. So, no outdoor scattering for these seeds. No. They will be grown inside with loving care and then transplanted outside when the weather warms. In, like, five months.

I had originally intended to buy actual seed-starting greenhouses for each of the classes, but because of the way my brain works I ended up using old strawberry containers instead. With the beginning of strawberry season it seemed we were accumulating a lot of these little plastic boxes and I assumed other households were as well. They seem like perfect greenhouses. A lid that can open and shut. Vents on all sides. And they are an example of reuse, instead of buying a similar thing at the hardware store that will just be tossed eventually anyway. So, I collected a bunch of these containers from friends, peeled off the stickers on the tops, cleaned the insides and lined the bottoms with several layers of cheesecloth (so that the dirt wouldn’t run right out of the holes in the bottom). Then Pia and I filled them up with seed starting dirt and attached seeds and instructions to each of the mini-greenhouses. I have no idea how this will work, but figure it is worth a shot. I will be delivering them to the kindergarten classes this afternoon. Hopefully they will get something to grow.

Pia and I are also doing this experiment at home.  I will keep you posted on how it works and if strawberry containers as cheap mini-greenhouses are the wave of the future. Or if this idea is similar to my idea of crushing up garbage to use as road building material. I still think that last idea has merit. No one else seems to though.


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