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As I said yesterday, Pia and I are attempting to grow wildflower seeds from one of those wildflower seed packets. The back of the packet says it includes “crimson clover, sweet sultan, purple coneflower, mexican sunflower, tricolor daisy, burpleurum, sweet william, mexican lupine, love in a mist and others”, but we have no idea which seed is for which plant. And don’t get me started on the “and others”. Such a wide open field that is. Anyway, in an attempt to conquer the seed mix, Pia and I sorted the seeds by type before planting them. Our sorting process looked like this:

We had nine distinctly different seeds after sorting them by size, color, shape, and fuzziness. We chose six different types of seeds to plant in our strawberry-container-turned-greenhouse and kept track of what we planted where. “Furry seeds, front left; small black, front middle; big brown, front right; flat brown, back left; worm seeds, back middle; skinny zebras, back right”. My high school science classes have served me well, clearly.

And, voila! A mere week into this experiment we have seeds sprouting!!! And we know (based on our highly scientific chart) that they are the “big brown seeds”. After googling each flower type + seed on the packet I have deduced that these are crimson clover. We shall see.


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  1. I want an update – how are they growing?

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