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With 2 hours to spare

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There may have been slightly more cursing involved than is appropriate in the creation of Easter baskets, but they are finished.  I sewed all three, and then took the first one apart and re-sewed it.

Of course the basket that needed to be fixed was my nieces.  I’d thought I was being smart when I sewed hers first, assuming I wouldn’t actually finish all 3 but at least I’d have hers completed.  But I should have worked the kinks out on my own kids’ baskets because Cricket’s basket was so incredibly puckered I couldn’t bring myself to give it to her.    (If it’d have been one for my kids I would have let it be – what does this say about me or the standards I think my one-year-old niece holds me to?)

Kyle lent me tremendous moral support as I picked out ninety-bazillion microscopic stitches stuck in batting.  Actually, he refused to commiserate at all, smugly insisting it’d work out fine in the end and then all the pain would be forgotten.  I am writing this down to document the pain.  It is not forgotten.  It was intense.

Sewing became significantly easier when I discovered this handy dial on my sewing machine that reduces the presser foot tension.  Wish I’d have seen that earlier.

I calculated that if I were paid minimum wage for the hours I spent sewing, this project would cost me $101.50 in time.  Add that to the $19 in supplies and these 3 baskets cost…drum roll please:  $120.50.  Wouldn’t you know it?  Fifty cents more than the (four, not three) baskets on Etsy I didn’t want to shell out for.  But of course I have the satisfaction of doing it myself and the knowledge that I’ve gained from the experience.  Which is namely, next time just buy it.  It’s easier.

Note to self:  Never, under any circumstances, calculate the number of hours it takes to complete a knitting project.  You will never pick up needles again.

But I will admit that I do sort of love the different colors and the floppiness of their ears.  And Pea was excited about them – he pointed at the first one and repeatedly yelled “Pretty cool!  Pretty cool, Mama!”  He seemed extra jazzed when I told him that one was just for him.  If he thought the basket was exciting, just wait until he discovers what it’s filled with in the morning.  Guess I’d better hop off to bed so the Easter bunny can visit.

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. See, but you only have to do this once! Now they can use the same basket every year, right? I am not allowed to make Sid’s basket, as he ends up getting TWO (one from each grandma, who will not coordinate). So, I eat all the chocolate so he won’t get a bellyache. I think this works out well, though i really wanted my own cadbury eggs…

  2. That’s so funny – I would have done the same thing and made Tea & Pea’s baskets first and then had to do them over.

  3. So cute! You did a wonderful job!

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  5. But you forgot to divide by three! They were only $40 a piece! Totally reasonable! (I have a sense I’m not helping)

    I love, love, love them. When does Pia get hers? 🙂


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