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Random points that are just an excuse for Easter pictures

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  • The boys thought today was pretty great – not only did they get to spend the day playing with their Nana, Grandad, cousin Cricket and lots of other family, but they got to eat chocolate for breakfast and then devoured two dozen goldfish cracker-filled eggs before lunch.

  • Tea is apparently feeling stifled by his mainly vegetarian diet – he insisted on eating the head of the lamb cake.

  • After lunch, the boys were paid a penny for every rock they removed from my parents’ lawn.  They made a dollar.

  • My adorable niece likes me.  At least until my sister enters the room.  This makes Pea very jealous.

  • My aunt, who is a Toddler Whisperer, taught Pea how to play the “which cup has the ball hidden under it?” game.  He’s a pro and I’m taking him to Vegas.

  • Our house now has the perfect amount of chocolate in it – tons.  My personal favorite are the dark chocolate-covered marzipan eggs from Aldi.

  • We forgot to dye eggs.

  • Pea is a little confused about the holiday and wished everyone a “Happy Easter Bunny”.


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  1. Of course Cricket likes you. You’re her Auntie Pickle, and you made her a bunny basket. I think she’ll be playing with it for a few weeks yet before we pack it away.

  2. Oh, my word. The lamb cake. How amazing.

    Love the photo collage!

    • Our family has made this lamb cake every year since the middle ages. Or something like that. This might have been the first year we broke with tradition and had chocolate instead of white cake. I’m pushing for red velvet next year so we can have a more authentic slaughter.

  3. Lamb cake is really cute! And wow, how big T is getting. Both boys are so perfectly adorable! I just love seeing their happy smiles!


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