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Eagerly awaiting their crispy destruction

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The first signs of life have appeared in the veggie garden – the arugula seedlings have sprouted.  I feel a disturbing combination of parental pride and an eagerness for them to grow up big and strong so I can nosh them to bits.

Drink up, little ones.  Soak up that sun.  You will be a tasty pesto soon!


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  1. Life! You’re so ahead of us… It may be years before I’m ambitious enough to actually plant a garden. Yes, the rhubarb and raspberries are starting to grow in the backyard, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

  2. First off, please teach me how to take awesome close-ups with our camera. That photo is very impressive.

    Second, Auntie M, don’t be so modest. Your blueberry bush is legendary around these parts.

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