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My boys are very nurturing.  Strike that.  My boys can be very nurturing sometimes.  When they’re in the mood, they like to devote lots of loving attention to their stuffed animals and dolls.  Their dolls, with only a few exceptions, are my dolls from 423 years ago.  White girl dolls.  I thought they were overdue for a few more dolls that look like they do.

So the main thing they got in their Easter baskets this year were fabric dolls I found from crafters on Etsy.  Let me tell you, it’s not all that easy to find dolls that looks like my boys.  There are a few, but compared to options for white dolls, the pickings are slim.  I am happy with these, however, and the boys already seem quite attached.

Pea’s doll is from Clover Green Design.  It’s very soft, hugable, and seems appropriately indestructible.  He has named it, appropriately, “Doll”.

Tea’s doll is from Viola Studio.  It was a bit fancier, but I just couldn’t resist this adorable boy whose shirt says “Milwaukee” across the front.  (Tea was thrilled about the train on the shirt, which I hadn’t even noticed.)   Tea has named his little boy “Pia”.  Sorry, Pia.  Or, congratulations?  I think it’s supposed to be a compliment…

It makes me happy to support artists who craft unique toys for kids. Especially after just finishing a sewing project of my own.  I definitely don’t feel like attempting dolls any time soon.

Tea has, however, requested a sleeping bag for Pia.  A rectangle?  I think that’s a project I can handle.  Heck, I could make that with duct tape.


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  1. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute cute!

  2. LOVE THESE! Thank you so much for posting the links to the artists who created them. I think we will need to order some for our house–pre and post placement. And congratulations on looking so young for being 423 yeard old.

  3. Pia takes it as a deep compliment, so thank you Tea. And, wow, the easter bunny is way hip in your corner of the state… coolest dolls ever!

  4. Oh, Robin the boys are so sweet. Love those pics and love the sweet dolls you got for them. I’m a big Etsy fan myself.

  5. thanks for featuring my doll. the pictures are so adorable. i’m so glad the doll is already well loved.


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