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It was brought to my attention today that I haven’t posted in awhile. I was, of course, aware of this. But it was nice to know that someone else noticed. Even if that someone else was Robin and she would have to try very hard not to notice. Anyway, there were many times in the past month that I had planned on posting. Like the playgroup day when our lunch ended up like this:

Or the day that we discovered the awesome amazing bubble bath by California Baby (hands down, best bubbles ever):

Or the afternoon when Pia worked quietly in the corner on this ribbon man (which blew me away and, naturally, had me convinced she would become a world famous artist someday):

Or the spontaneous Sunday afternoon when a friend dropped by for knitting help and Pia sat with us and finger knit and it was just the loveliest afternoon ever:

But all these moments passed and then I would lose the energy and just like that weeks slip by without a post. But I’m back! And as luck would have it I found a Glory Days wine at the Piggly Wiggly and I feel that this Bruce Springsteen inspired beverage will aid greatly in my blogging over the next month. (Those of you who are familiar with this wine might quibble with my assertion that the wine was inspired by Bruce. The label may depict a baseball scene, but as you may recall, the Glory Days video relied heavily on the idea of Bruce as a washed up baseball player, so I feel that the vintners used the baseball imagery hand in hand with the name to reach out to true fans.)


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  1. Oh dear. I just laughed so loud at the picture of the pizza that I woke up the boys. Best. Lunch. Ever. For entertainment value, at least. It looks like we could have used some of that bubble bath on your oven… I am ordering a print of the pizza photo to keep on my fridge. It makes me smile and will serve as inspiration while cooking. Inspiration to hold on tight to the food. 😉

    I am jealous that Pia likes to finger knit. I keep crossing my fingers that Tea will one day develop coordination and focus for that.


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