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does two make a trend?

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Or does it need to be three to be an actual trend? Whatever the case, the past two gifts we made have involved faces. The first, for my mom’s birthday, a custom family-version of Old Maid:

This was an idea from the pages of Family Fun (which, and I know I say this waaaayyy too often, has had awesome ideas over the past year) so I really can’t take any credit for its marvelous-ness. But it was a ridiculously fun project to do and I highly suggest you tackle it for your family. Consider these steps:

  1. Choose great/entertaining/funny/possibly mortifying pictures of all family members from young to old (in this case we had 25).
  2. Think of appropriate Old-Maid-style names for all family members and utilize alliteration. These can be complimentary or slight digs. Examples from our deck include: Ticket-writing Tim (for our police officer brother-in-law), Liberal Lisa, Daring Diego and Kissable Kelsey. 
  3. Choose a non-controversial and non-mean-spirited Old Maid. We chose our old chicken, Val. Choosing a real person to be the Old Maid is tempting, but not recommended.
What’s not to like? Fun, fun and fun.
The second face-filled gift we made was for a little school friend of Pia’s. It was a memory game made with pictures of all the kids in their class. We glued the pictures to metal frozen juice lids, added a layer of glue over the top of the photo, and then (in a silent nod to Robin) sprinkled glitter around the edges of the faces.
The best thing about juice lids? They fit like a dream into old Pringles cans. The best thing about using old Pringles cans? The eating of the Pringles. We covered the can with rainbow paper (what 5-year-old girl doesn’t love rainbows?) and added a custom label.
Now I need a first communion present for my nephew that I can make in less than two days. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. You know I adore your Old Maid cards. The memory game is also genius! I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to eat Pringles, but that can is far too small. I’ll have to make a really big set. And hmm…that’s an awful lot of juice to drink. Come over and we’ll make up a big batch of brandy slush to wash down the Pringles – it uses both OJ AND lemonade. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our crafts.

    How do you print the pictures? Do you have a photo printer at home or get them printed someplace else?

    • I like your commitment to the craft. Brandy slushes for everyone!

      As for the photos, I print them at home on our not-so-great printer. The Old Maid cards were printed on cardstock, but the memory game pictures were printed on regular paper so they could be easily glued onto the juice lids.

  2. Ok these are oh so CUTE! Love the Old Maid cards! Did you just print the pics, add writing and laminate? Have to look that one up. Really cute!

    • We layered the text on the pictures in Pages (the mac version of word/illustrator) and then printed them out. I didn’t laminate them, but after my mom got them SHE laminated them. Ah, laziness paying off 🙂


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