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butterfly garden status update

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Oh, to be one of those people who are organized. Someone who could find the slip of paper upon which the results of her extensive google research on seeds was written. Alas. I have searched. And I now have a headache. So this post will be considerably less educational than originally intended.

Over a month ago Pia and I started seeds from a wildflower mix in an attempt to grow plants for the school’s butterfly garden. We asked the kindergarten classes to play along as well and I wonder if they are faring better than us. I hope so. We had originally planned on growing the seeds in a sunny window, but in a laziness-forces-innovation stroke of luck we ended up growing them under lights in the kitchen. (We have a to-do list written on the chalkboard in our kitchen and “#2: Shelf for pots above sink” has been on the list for about three months and hasn’t seen any action. One day I realized there were fluorescent bulbs under our kitchen cabinets and voila! a grow center was created.) Anyway, in the “yay!!” column we have the news that each of the six types of seeds that we planted has sprouted. In the “bit of a bummer” column is the fact that they are getting leggy and looking less and less like robust, healthy little seedlings. It didn’t help that yesterday, when it was warm, I put the seedlings outside for some fresh air and to start the hardening off process. (Note to Robin’s dad: hardening off really is something you do with plants, your daughter isn’t merely coddling her seedlings.) But then I may have left them out all day long and that was a bit much for them. They are still alive, but looking less and less garden worthy.

However, I will not give up! Based on my seed sorting research the plant in the front right is crimson clover and that plant is so gorgeous that I desperately want it to survive. Plus I look forward to singing crimson and clover, over and over.

What say you, kindergarten classes? Are your seeds sprouting up a storm?


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  1. I’d say you’ve still got a fighting chance, not that I know squat about starting things from seeds (except that hardening off of seedlings is required before planting up. Planting out? Planting over? Towards? Drat. See? I know nothing, Dad, but thank you Courtney for coming to my defense.). Anyway, the clover looks the strongest of them all, and if it really grows I will steal it from your garden, because you have lose morals and are therefore in no position to chastise me. =P


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