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Boys and their beetles

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Back when we were waiting to bring Tea home from Thailand, I was trying to wrap my head around being the mom of a boy.  I found a poem A.A. Milne wrote about a boy and his beetle that I absolutely loved.

Now I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything.  And I love the bugs, as long as they don’t sting.  Or bite.  OK, so maybe I don’t love most bugs.  But this one was gorgeous.  Please don’t tell me it’s a Ferocious Arugula Decimater Beetle, because we found it in the veggie garden before Tea started moving it around the yard.


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  1. Dude: You are a fantastic photographer. How did you get this camera angle?!?! Also, now I must find that poem. It sounds awesome.

    • Aw thanks. Poor Kyle was inside working when I saw Tea leaning over our brick stoop to peer at the beetle who was crawling along the side edge. He had to drop everything when I yelled at him to fetch my camera. So equal points go to my equipment guy. I only squashed 4 tulips squatting in our garden to get the shot. Worth it. =)

      If you follow the link in the post, I reprinted the poem on our adoption blog back in 2008. Ahh, how time flies!

  2. I agree with Jess–great shot! Boys are so fun and crazy and precious. 🙂

  3. Hey! Nop found one of those last week in our yard & promptly put it in his bug jar. I would like to know what it is, too. Very beautiful.

  4. Good news: it’s not the Ferocious Arugula Decimater Beetle, its the Six Spotted Tiger Beetle (or Cicindela sexguttata if you prefer) and it eats a variety of other bugs. Apparently they can bite humans if bothered, but are not normally aggressive. And I don’t believe they’re in any way poisonous.

    I am shouting.
    But just because I love this photo so much.


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