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paint and pass to your left

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I got these adorable little canvases from my mom and had visions of us doing a family art project with them. I sat Jim and Pia down at the table and instructed them to color wash their canvases in their chosen color (basically cover their entire canvas in one base color… a great tip from my sister-in-law). I had narrowed the color options so that the three canvases would look nice together on the wall. They had tons of hue choices in the spectrum of orange, red, and yellow. We set them aside, waited for them to dry, and I patted myself on the back for how well this little activity had gone so far.

Alas, the next step quickly got out of my control.  I think the plan we had agreed on was that we would each paint a house, but after we had been painting for a few minutes Pia began eyeing mine. She often does this when we paint or draw and it is maddening because a) I want her to be happy with whatever it is that she is creating and b) I am unreasonably overprotective of my own art.

“Let’s switch” said Pia.

I didn’t want to switch, but I didn’t want this family art project to end up being a power struggle.

“Okay,” I said with a forced smile “everyone pass to your left.”

So Pia added to my painting, Jim added to Pia’s, and I added to Jim’s for a few minutes. The Pia started eyeing ours up again.

“Let’s switch!”

So we did. Around the table the canvases went until there was a bit of each of us in each painting. They turned out fun, in that “hmmm, interesting” sort of way:

And the best part is… when we tire of these, we can paint over them and start again!


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  1. This is a fun idea, however unintentional. You should never admit to anyone that rotating the canvases wasn’t the plan from the start. It’s interesting how different they all look even though they all were painted on by the same people.


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